Cardiology Associates of Richmond is committed to being on the forefront of heart care. As such, our providers engage regularly with clinical trials and research studies to both keep abreast of emerging medical breakthroughs as well as engage patients in cutting edge clinical work.

A clinical trial is a medical research study that tests a medicine or treatment for safety and effectiveness. Patients are completely informed of all potential side-effects, risks, and benefits before participating, and participation is always voluntary.

Cardiology Associates of Richmond partners with the Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI) to bring these key clinical trials to our patients. SCRI Cardiovascular has conducted 155 industry-sponsored trials and enrolled more than 1,800 patients since the program's inception and is designed to provide innovative approaches to clinical trial management.

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For more information or questions regarding research services please contact our Practice Manager, Kerry Dryden, at (804) 560-8880.