About Commonwealth Perinatal Services

For more than 20 years, our maternal-fetal medicine physicians and dedicated staff at Commonwealth Perinatal Services have been committed to caring for women with high-risk pregnancies in the Greater Richmond area. Part of the HCA Virginia Physicians network, we provide a range of prenatal services, in addition to perinatal consultations.

For patients who have high-risk health issues or may need more than routine care, our dedicated team is here. We will determine the appropriate treatment and work closely with your obstetrician throughout your pregnancy to provide comprehensive, compassionate perinatal care.

For more information about our perinatal services at Commonwealth Perinatal Services, call (804) 289-4972.

Advanced perinatal care in Richmond

Our dedicated team—including maternal-fetal medicine physicians, genetic counselors, nurses and ultrasonographers—is here to provide quality, compassionate care during your pregnancy. If you are at risk for certain pregnancy complications, your obstetrician will request a consultation prior to, or during, your pregnancy with one of our obstetrician gynecologists (OB/GYNs).

Services we offer

Our specialized physicians are experienced in diagnosing and treating women who are currently experiencing, or may experience, pregnancy complications. Our goal is to ensure you receive the extra care you deserve during your pregnancy.

Our services include:

  • Gestational diabetes counseling—Gestational diabetes, diabetes that occurs during pregnancy, is one of the most common pregnancy complications. Our doctors work with mothers to treat and minimize symptoms of gestational diabetes.
  • Perinatal consultations—During a perinatal consultation, perinatal specialists and OB/GYNs will evaluate the mother and the fetus. They will determine if there are factors that may indicate a high-risk pregnancy and will create a care plan.
  • Preconception counseling—Similar to a perinatal consultation, during preconception counseling, doctors evaluate the likelihood of a mother having a high-risk pregnancy before pregnancy occurs. This helps women make informed decisions about childbirth.
  • Prenatal testing—We offer sonographic screening and genetic testing to determine if the fetus is experiencing any birth defects, such as:
    • Cleft lip
    • Congenital birth defects
    • Down syndrome (trisomy 21)
    • Spina bifida
    • Edwards' syndrome (trisomy 18)

Meet our perinatal nurse navigator

Kendall Pacoe, attended Radford University for her nursing prerequisites and graduated from South University, with her RN, BSN in June of 2019.  After completing her Senior Preceptorship here at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital, in the Mother Baby Unit, she was offered a job in August of 2019.  Kendall has had a lifelong passion for babies and gained invaluable patient care experience working in the Mother Baby Unit over the last two years. 

She will help guide high-risk patients through their pregnancy, counseling them along the way. Her passion for patient education and care is an asset to the patients and their families, as she navigates them through their high-risk pregnancy.

To reach our Perinatal Nurse Navigator directly, you can email Kendall Pacoe or call her at (804) 200-7534 or (804) 297-1547.

Visiting our facility

Our perinatal office in Richmond is located in the Henrico Doctors' Hospital and is accepting new patients. Also, you can now schedule an appointment online.