Sports medicine specialists in Central Virginia

The sports medicine providers at HCA Virginia Physicians provide advanced care for athletes in the Greater Richmond region. Our dedicated team helps patients enhance their sports performances. Additionally, we ensure all patients receive proper care to recover from sports-related injuries as well as education on how to prevent the injury from reoccurring.

To find out more about our sports medicine services, visit our sports medicine doctor by scheduling an appointment online.

Sports medicine performance program

We give athletes the unique ability to work with athletic professionals from a number of fields. They will have access to our specialized providers, physical therapists, athletic trainers and strength and conditioning coaches to help them reach their individual goals.

Our diverse training program is centered around improving movements, strength, speed, power, mobility, agility and sport-specific endurance.

Our sports medicine program benefits

Our sports medicine practices offer:

  • Athletic and sports physicals
  • Initial evaluation by a physical therapist
  • Marathon and off-season training programs
  • Return-to-play program
  • Tactical programs for those in the military, law enforcement and emergency medical services (EMS)
  • Team programs for high schools and local sports organizations
  • Training safety education with assistance from physical therapy and athletic training staff members
  • Specialized equipment, including:
    • 35-yard turf field
    • 80-yard track
    • Cardio equipment
    • Circuit training equipment
    • Indoor recovery and therapy pool
    • Outdoor basketball court
    • Sand pit

Sports medicine services and programs

Our sports medicine physicians provide programs for every age, sport and skill level. We have convenient access to advanced diagnostic and imaging services, orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation services and nutritional counseling. This means we can ensure our patients receive complete care from multiple specialists.

In addition to our regular services, our sports medicine physicians also offer athletic event coverage, certified trainer services and strength training, and customized, personalized programs for you and your preferred sport.

Activity-specific programs

We offer a variety of programs that are specific to particular athletes or sports, to help them improve their play. We commonly work with:


During a cycling consultation, our specialists address posture, alignment and biomechanics (your movement and structure) to improve your cycling experience. Preventing strain and overuse injuries are key elements of our consultations as well.

In addition to our cycling consultations, we offer electromyograph (EMG) exams. These are nerve studies that test for ulnar neuropathy (also called handlebar palsy).

Treatment and rehabilitation services for cycling injuries and neuro-musculoskeletal issues are also available.


During a swing analysis, our specialists view and analyze your current golf swing. Our staff will work with you to show you easy ways to improve your swing and reduce injury, while improving your overall golf skills.


For runners, we offer video gait analysis. During this analysis, our specialists are able to record your gait, or running movement, on the treadmill. This allows us to assess your gait and make recommendations for improvement. We also analyze your biomechanics to advise you on your overall running efficiency and, if needed, provide orthotics—shoe inserts to correct gait—to keep you running injury-free.

Aging athletes program

Maintaining fitness as we age helps keep us healthy, active and well. In our aging athletes program, we teach you ways to keep your body strong and injury-free as you exercise or compete. Focusing on lowering your risk of recurring injuries specific to your sport, we offer guidance on proper nutrition and hydration and develop a treatment program appropriate for your age that takes into account other medical conditions you may have.

Cancer recovery program

There is a growing body of research demonstrating that recovery from cancer treatment is greatly increased by participation in a supervised exercise program. We offer that in a program that concentrates on the areas of treatment around the upper body, but also includes overall body fitness and conditioning.

These recovery exercise programs are individually developed by our certified athletic trainers in coordination with your oncologist's recommendations and precautions. The overall goal of the program is to improve your stamina and endurance so you feel better about your health and your recovery. We help you develop your personal strength, while the supervision by certified trainers helps minimize injury and strain.

Core stabilization and back strengthening

Many of our patients suffer from common back injuries and pain. Our trainers and therapists can help you strengthen your core and lower back to help prevent injuries like those that can occur during sporting activities.

Women's sports medicine

In addition to common sports-related injuries, women also face very specific issues when it comes to sports performance, such as osteoporosis, pregnancy and postpartum recovery. We offer programs for women's health as it is related to sports, and will help women and girls play strong and meet their performance goals.